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Sanitizing Wipes

Our selection of sanitizing wipes dramatically reduce the occurrence of germs that may cause illness. Our 1200 count rolls of wipes are perfect for commercial or home use. Sanitizing wipes are perfect for daily use on desks, keyboards, doorknobs, faucets, gym equipment, phones, children's toys and even hands. These wipes are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and dermatologist tested, and have been approved for use in schools and daycares, health facilities and more.

Because they won't harm vinyl, plastic, metal or rubber, this product selection can also be used for gym equipment cleaning. Wipes.com is the leading provider of sanitizing wipes for industrial applications. For disinfectant wipes using EPA-approved ingredients, shop for Disinfecting Wipes.

Bulk Sanitizing Wipes

For large facilities with high traffic, we recommend shopping in bulk. Bulk ordering allows you to restock less often and save on shipping.

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Wipes.com Sanitizing Wipes - 1 Bucket with 1 Roll

These hand wipes sanitizing wipes are ideal for use in areas heavily trafficked by children such as schools and daycares, communal areas such as offices or restaurants, public transport including trains, planes and cruise ships and more.

Sanitizing wipes remove 99 percent of the most common germs that cause illnesses. One bucket of wipes includes 1,200 wipes and won't harm vinyl, plastic, rubber or metal. If you operate a large facility, choose bulk wipes to help save money on routine cleanup.

Wipes.com Sanitizing Wipes

Looking for more wipes per roll? We've got you covered with our Case of 4 - 1200 Count Rolls of Sanitizing Wipes. Compare these to the hand wipes you see at grocery stores. Our wipes are made with a fast-acting, non-toxic, multi-purpose formula that doesn’t corrode vinyl, plastic, metal or rubber surfaces. Use them as phone sanitizing wipes at the office, restaurants or kitchens, and in any other place where the occurrence of germs is commonplace. These hand wipes wipes measure 6” x 8” and are safe on any surface!

Sanitizing wipes reduce the occurrence of bacteria, viruses and fungi on surfaces. Order today and discover why Wipes.com is the leading choice for disinfecting wipes and sanitary equipment!

Wholesale Sanitizing Wipes Bulk Sanitizing Wipes

We love to save you money! Ordering in bulk means you pay NO SHIPPING*

Each box has 4 - 1200 Count Rolls

10 Boxes - $96.49 each with FREE SHIPPING*
15 Boxes - $91.49 each with FREE SHIPPING*