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Antibacterial Surface Disinfectant Wipes

Our disinfecting wipes use only EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses in under 15 seconds. Below you can order a sample roll, a box of 4 - 800 count wipe refills or a pallet of wholesale bulk disinfectant wipes.

Full-spectrum disinfecting wipes are ideal for hospitals, gyms, clinics, nursing homes, grocery stores, community centers and more. Kill more germs on first contact to dramatically lower the risk of spreading infections that include MRSA, HIV, H1N1, Influenza A, Herpes, E.coli, Hepatitis and Salmonella.

Our wipes are manufactured in the U.S.A and don't contain bleach, alcohol or phenol. Medical-grade disinfectant wipes may be used on plastic, laminates, metals, Plexiglas and other non-porous surfaces.

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Wipes.com Disinfecting Wipes

EPA-Registered Medical-Grade Disinfectant Wipes

Our disposable germicidal wipes are safe to use on plastic, laminates, metals, Plexiglas, and any other non-porous surface. We use a disinfectant that is designed to kill a variety of bacteria including staph and MRSA. Disinfectant wipes can be used in a variety of applications for that reason. These include clinics, offices, fitness facilities, schools and health clubs. The intermediate-level disinfectant we use for our wipes has been EPA-registered.

This box contains four rolls of 800 wipes made from strong 6-inch by 8-inch fabric. Each wipe will kill up to 99 percent of bacteria on surfaces in 15 seconds. A couple of quick swipes across equipment handles, work benches or keyboards is all it takes to zap the “bugs” left behind during everyday activities.

Disinfecting Gym Wipes Photo 2014 Disinfecting Wipes - 1 Bucket with 1 Roll

Single Roll of Disinfecting Wipes w/Bucket Dispenser

Order Disinfecting Wipes in Bulk Bulk Disinfecting Wipes

We love to save you money! Ordering in bulk means you pay NO SHIPPING!

Each box has 4 - 800 Count Rolls

10 Boxes - $89.97 each with FREE SHIPPING
15 Boxes - $84.95 each with FREE SHIPPING

Our surface wipes can be used in a wide variety of locations you want to keep clean and disinfected, such as gyms, fitness facilities, health clinics, schools, nursing homes, apartment buildings, hospitals, community centers, and anywhere else bacteria or viruses hide.