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Sanitary Wipe Dispensers

Reducing germs and the risk of bacterial, viral and fungal infections begins with proper cleaning. Ensure your sanitizing and disinfecting wipes remain easily accessible with any of our gym wipes dispensers and refills.

We offer various wipe dispensers:


Convenient for offices, airports, schools, grocery stores, healthcare facilities and gyms, wipe stands offer a versatile solution to the problem of infectious microorganisms. Our stands are designed to dispense one wipe at a time and will provide a receptacle for used wipes.


Mounted gym wipes dispensers are a great semi-permanent solution anywhere germs may live. These affordable dispensers give you the freedom to offer sanitizing wipes throughout your facility to encourage employees or clients to sanitize non-porous surfaces on the go.


Our buckets and bucket stands offer simple and portable sanitizing solutions when you need them most. Perfect for summer camps, sporting events, fairs and more. Use indoors or outdoors!

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MK-5000 Standing Wipes Dispenser

Durable Sanitary Wipes Stand with Trash Can

This 48-inch tall plastic gym wipes stand is capable of fulfilling a variety of applications far beyond the gym. Conveniently place the disinfectant gym wipes floor dispenser throughout your facility to encourage patrons to wipe down equipment, at entrances to frequented establishments, throughout offices and more.

Refillable wipes are dispensed one at a time and can be tossed conveniently. The Mk-5000 wet wipe dispenser comes with a receptacle that's designed for easy cleaning via a large locking door in the rear. Additionally, it features a front slot design that won’t fit larger items that can clog up valuable space, such as soda cans or coffee cups.This product is not available anywhere else and ships within 24 hours!

Wall-Mounted Disinfectant Wipes Dispenser Wall Mounted Wipes Dispenser

Mountable Disinfecting Wipes Dispenser

Keep your spaces germ-free with this durable wall mounted wet wipe dispenser. Showcasing an innovative design and made with the highest-grade plastic available, this state-of-the-art mountable sanitary wipe dispenser is the perfect replacement for your older, less efficient model. With stronger hinges and an expertly crafted spring-loaded design, this wall mounted sanitary and disinfectant wipes dispenser is truly one of the most reliable models on the market. Installation could not be any easier for this sanitizing wipe dispenser with wall mount. First, determine where you want the dispenser and attach the wall mount bracket to the wall. Then, simply secure the dispenser in place and make sure it is attached firmly.

Order now and have your dispenser shipped in under 24 hours!

800 count is infecting wipes with refill Wipes Bucket Dispenser

Reusable Bucket Dispenser for Sanitary Wipes

Are you looking for a quick way to zap germs off sweaty gym equipment, doorknobs, keyboards and other non-porous surfaces? This handy bucket wipe dispenser holds rolls 800 disinfecting or sanitizing wipes from Wipes.com and can be placed anywhere you need it. Perfect for gyms where patrons might benefit from a little prompting in order to keep equipment clean for the next person in line, a bucket dispenser is a friendly reminder to grab a wipe and get rid of sweat, oil and bacteria. Your empty gym wipe bucket is easily refillable. We offer options for small and large establishments and our products can be purchased on a one-time or recurring basis depending on your needs.

Our wipes are made in the U.S. from generous sheets of thick fabric, and have the power to kill a wide range of bacteria and viruses and keep your facility safe and sanitary. Choose a “disinfecting wipes” or a “sanitizing wipes” label for your bucket depending on which is likely to be the most motivating for your clientele.

Sanitary Gym Wipes for Your Gym Stainless Steel Floor Stand Wipes Dispenser

Stainless Steel Floor Stand Wipes Dispenser

Add a touch of class to your facility with this stainless steel free standing floor dispenser.

A bucket stand for your disinfecting gym wipes. Bucket Stand

Our exclusive bucket stand/holder is a cost effective way to dispense your Fit Wipes disinfecting wipes.
Includes stand and bucket.